Who feels my pain?

My kids have been at school for 2 hours. Finally a day to get s**t done! Right? I have so much stuff on my to-do list and time is literally ticking away! I have to do taxes. Normal house stuff. Grocery shopping.

What have I been doing you might ask? Well, my Groceries To Go cart is about half way full (it was started at 5:30 this morning). Picked up my phone to turn on my Amazon Prime music app and saw the Zulily has Steve Madden on sale! What?! Have you ever told a pair of shoes that you love them? Cause I just did. And they’re in my shopping cart just waiting for me to push the button. Along with something for my husband for Father’s Day, some Darth Vader pj’s for my 5 year old, a new bathing suit. It’s snowing today, by the way.

Ugh. Geez. I still haven’t put the juice back in the fridge. Oh yeah and I need to add Lucky Charms to my grocery list cause Mama ate the rest of the box. Gawd! I need to get to the gym. Gotta eat something healthy today. Did I put salad in my grocery cart?

Omg!!! Stop!!! Why am I doing this? Who feels me? So how do you stop this whirling twirling flood of thoughts? Here’s what I do:

1. Count backwards from 5-1, then physically move to activate your prefrontal cortex.

Mel Robbins is my hero! If you haven’t read The 5 Second Rule, it is a must read! I have learned how to force myself to do the things that I do not want to do but need to do with this simple little trick. Count backwards. 5…4…3…2…1… physically move. Your brain refocuses. It’s crazy but it works!

2. Brain Dump

Get out your planner or journal and a pen. Set your timer for 10 minutes. Dump your brain out on paper. Lists, thoughts, whatever. Get it out. Reset your timer for 5 minutes. Prioritize this list. What can you do with the amount of time you have?

3. Turn on the jams!

One of my favorite quotes is “put your hair in a bun, turn on some gansta rap, and deal with it.” Don’t know who said that. Might have just seen it on a T shirt. But whatever! It’s true. ADD/ADHD brains are wired to handle more than one thing at a time. In fact, we actually work better with other things going on at the same time. When I’m sitting in silence… first, I have to enjoy it for a minute, then I gotta get some music on and start moving!

4. Power Hour

Again, set that timer or hyper focus might take over and after three hours you’re exhausted and standing in a pile of half done stuff! Focus on one thing for that hour. I like to do this when I’m working my direct sales business. If other things pop up during that time, keep a pad and paper next to you, write it down to do later. Or another fave of mine, use the voice recorder on your phone and record your thought to come back to later.

5. Ground Yourself

No, don’t punish yourself! Try my favorite “grounding technique” to pull yourself back into the present. Wherever you are, standing, sitting, whatever, feel the ground. Close your eyes for a second and breath in and out through your nose. Feel how the ground beneath you holds you up. The chair you’re sitting in supports you. Go ahead! Try it! Feels pretty amazing. I always feel my shoulders begin to relax. Stretch for a minute and refocus. Ahhh. Feels good.

Now, where was I? Oh yes. Grocery shopping. And my cart full of Zulily finds? I’m gonna just wait 24 hours on that. I’m turning on the Justin Timberlake station through my Amazon Music app and I’m going to deal with it!!!

Happy hyperfocusing y’all!

(Note: This article was originally written in February earlier this year. Of course, in Northern Indiana, it really could be snowing in August!)

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