Brain Dump

There’s a lot going on in this ADD brain of mine. Like most moms, I have a lot to keep up with.

There’s the normal stuff of keeping my family fed and clean, household stuff, and taking care of our fur-children (our sweet cats, Missy and Jordy).

I must give a lot of credit to my amazing husband. He takes care of more than his fair share of the household duties. If you’re reading this, honey, you know I’d be a crazier hot mess without you!

We’ve had a bunch of new, exciting stressors this past month.

Our oldest son recently started kindergarten. That was a bigger life change than I expected. He attends private school and I’m finding myself constantly referencing the Parent Handbook to make sure we are following rules appropriately. Seriously, within his first four days of kindergarten, I sent him to school in the wrong uniform… twice!

Our baby (ok, 3 year old) is in preschool, which isn’t really new or stressful or full of rules, but there are a lot of little things to remember…. show and share, field trips, his favorite blankie and Vamperina lovey for rest time… the list goes on and on.

Like a lot of parents, my husband and I work outside our home. My husband has a regular kind of job with regular 9-5 hours. He’s a teacher. I won’t go into all of the struggles of working in the public school system. There’s too many to list for the purpose of this blog post. Let’s just say that his hours are not solely spent in the classroom.

I, on the other hand, have a pretty atypical schedule. I am a social worker and spend my weekends at the hospital helping patients and medical staff.

This is my “normal” job.

During the week, when I’m not volunteering at my kids’ schools or playing with my 3 year old on his days off from preschool, I’m building my dreams.

In other words, my “fun” job.

I love this job! Not only am I helping others look and feel better, but I’m learning how to dream again. I’ll save details for another time.

I’m sure you get the picture. Lots of normal life things can get overwhelming. Throw work and your personal goals into this mix and you get a nice brew of craziness. At times it feels like it is seconds away from boiling over.

This is what happened to me one day at work when the craziness almost boiled over. I was able to stave off the hot mess that was seconds away from a total explosion.

So, I’m up on one of the patient units at the hospital…. and I’m struggling to figure out what I need to do next. Doctors and nurses are consistently calling with various needs for their patients. I’m trying to chart on the last patient I saw. I have to remember to fax that form to the home care company. Did I send updates to the nursing facility? There’s a patient that needs assistance to buy an expensive prescription. Oh my gosh, then that other one still needs a portable oxygen tank! And I gotta get the ambulance here to transport a patient!! And a family needs to talk to me about hospice options for their loved one!!! And, and, and….

Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! I feel the explosion coming on! I’m going to cry or lose my shit on the next person who needs something. I gotta get out of here!

I decide to pack up my things and head downstairs to my office. Once I’m there, after pacing around trying to control my great, I quickly remember a technique I taught clients in my former therapy practice. I pulled out a piece of paper and started to write.

I “brain dump.”

I feverishly wrote everything and anything that came to my mind. Everything from my frustration with my hormones to what am I making for dinner next week. Within minutes, I started to feel my anxiety decrease and my head felt clear. The tears that were welling up, went back down.

A Dave Matthews song titled, “Let You Down,” popped into my head. The title may not be uplifting, but there’s a really cool line that goes… “I have no lid upon my head, but if I did, you could look inside and see what’s on my mind.”

This made me smile to think perhaps Dave “brain dumped” words from his head when he wrote this song.

Regardless, there’s some good stuff that can come from just getting the shit out of your head. Writing is therapeutic. Something magical occurs when you stop the world from spinning around you and just get the overwhelming feelings out.

There’s seriously nothing to this exercise. Just grab something to write with, something to write on, and go.

Try it.

I’m sure your crazy world will feel a little more manageable within no time at all.

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