My sweet boy only wanted to help his mommy. The contagion of events that followed led me to see how much my perspectives have changed.

I was busy cleaning up one of the messes that my boys created when I turned around and saw a terrifying site. My 3 year old was walking towards me with that huge smile, carefully carrying my freshly brewed, scalding hot, vanilla Starbucks coffee in my favorite coffee mug.

I gasped which caused my sweet boy to be startled. Hot coffee sloshed out onto his little hands and he dropped the mug on the kitchen tile. Coffee and shards of my favorite mug covered the kitchen floor. A profanity probably flew out of my mouth (I’m pretty sure it did). My boy began screaming.

I scooped him up thinking surely his little hands and feet would be burned and we’d have to go to the ER. And OMG! Thank God the ER Social Worker knows me! I hope no one thinks I intentionally hurt my child! I carried him off to the bathroom and frantically examined him from top to bottom for any sign of injury. I was in tears. My baby was in tears. My chest felt heavy like an Acme anvil had been dropped on me. And I was nauseous with fear that he was hurt and would have scars for life. Luckily, not even one red mark. I patted him down with a cold washcloth. Still nothing. The only thing injured was his feelings.

In his sweet toddler voice he said, “I sowwy Mommy foe bakin you foffee pup.”

Oh my heart!

I explained to him that Mommy was scared that he was going to get hurt by carrying my hot coffee. And I don’t even care about my coffee cup. I’m just glad he’s ok.

On top of all of the drama occurring in the bathroom, “Big Brother” (my 5 year old) came in to yell at me for hurting his brother. After letting him calm himself down, I explained the same thing to him.

Then the next fear hit me! The cats!!! Oh my God the cats are going to step on a piece of the broken mug and we’re going to end up at the emergency vet!

I rushed back to the kitchen to find our large fat boy staring across the ocean of coffee at his food bowl. He was very concerned that his food bowl was unreachable.

With tears in my eyes I stared at my broken Eeyore coffee mug and remembered my mom giving it to me when I was in high school. I used to hate mornings and the two of us would argue about something almost everyday. Mom bought me that mug because it totally fit my morning personality.

As I began to clean up the mess, I began laughing hysterically at the site.

I mean, really?! How hilarious is this? In fact, when I texted my friends to let them know we were going to be late to our play date, they thought this pic was a meme. It’s pretty good though, huh?

The coolest thing about this event was the realization of how much my attitude on life has changed. I used to be an “Eeyore.” I thought I was a happy and positive person, but in reality I always had the attitude that “if something bad is going to happen, it’s probably going to happen to me.”

So the next day, while I was working at the hospital, my three main men went shopping and found a new “poffee pup” that better suited me.

How’s that for a positive affirmation? “I am Wonder Woman!” Say it to yourself, in front of a mirror, and just see how amazing it makes you feel! I’m positive that it will change your #perspective.

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