Too Tired to Wash My Face

(Disclaimer: I promote and earn commissions from the products discussed in this article).

Have you ever felt like that? I sure did tonight!

I worked a long Power Weekend at the hospital. 12 hour days, back to back. I’m a Clinical Case Manager, which is a glorified title for “social worker who gets people out the door.” It’s challenging, sometimes rewarding, and most of the time, a stressful position. But working this shift allows me to be with my kids more during the week and build our dreams together.

Anyway, after coming home from my second long day/evening shift and helping my husband get our kids to bed, I collapsed on the couch and began my enjoyable “work.” Took care of some tasks for the children’s museum, checked in on some babysitter requests for Bambino, and followed up with some recent samplers who are loving Nerium products as much as I do.

11:00pm came way too fast! My hubby and I briefly caught each other up on specific highlights of our days and kissed goodnight. We will be sleeping in different beds tonight due to the 3 year old boy in my husband’s spot. Some things are not worth losing sleep over.

By this time I was whooped and contemplated going straight to bed. Too tired to brush my teeth. Too tired to wash my face.

But I’m 40 now. My face is more prone to the effects of aging more than ever. If I don’t take the time to remove makeup and everyday pollutants from my face, I’m going to have breakouts and potentially cause more damage to my skin. (Former tanning bed junky here!) Seriously? Can I not take 2 minutes to do something for myself?

By the way, I’m not joking when I say 2 minutes. I timed the process. Removing makeup, washing my face, and putting on a protective, skin detoxifying, wrinkle-fighting powerhouse, took 1 minute and 32 seconds. It takes me longer to brush my teeth! I can do this!

How can all of these benefits happen in less than 2 minutes? I’ll tell ya!

The face wash that I use goes on like an oil. Sound weird? It’s pretty genius, actually! Here’s why. Makeup, sunscreen, and environmental dirt (smog, smoke, yuck) don’t just come off in the wash. Double cleansing with an oil-based product first, to melt that grime off, and then washing your face, is what’s recommended nowadays.

Like I’m really gonna add another step before bed. Pa-lease.

So, when I wash my face, I put this stuff right on my face without water. I hate splashing water on my face and have always wished that I could just put face wash directly onto my face. It’s the little things, right?

So after I put the face wash on, I add a little water and do the normal face washing thing. This changes the oil into a silky lather. It seriously feels amazing! Then I take a wet wash cloth and wipe it off. Simple.

Despite the simplicity, this face wash does some pretty amazing things! Check it out:

• Removes makeup and impurities

• Helps remove the effects of air pollution on the skin’s surface

• Has a pH that works in harmony with the skin

• Is ideal for all skin types (dermatologist tested)

• Can be used morning and night

It’s kinda hard to put this whole act of face washing into words. But this video will show you how it’s done!


Next, I use three pumps of my night cream. Doesn’t matter if my skin is wet or not. If I really want the night cream to feel tight, like a mask, I’ll dry my face first. Leaving water on my skin just holds more moisture in the night cream.

Check out the things that my “magic potion” can do!!

• Helps reduce appearance of wrinkles and addresses signs of aging

• Helps instantly tighten and firm skin’s appearance

• Works to remove skin-drying urban stressors accumulated during the day

• Improves skin clarity and radiance, and provides smoother skin texture

• Helps fight the appearance of discoloration, enlarged pores and sagging skin

• Has a mask-like consistency, which creates a barrier to guard against wrinkles caused by sheets and pillowcases

Isn’t that awesome? It’s ridiculously simple. Watch this little video clip to see exactly how long it takes.

Want to try it for yourself? Just go to the site listed below and click on the sample you’d like. You only pay for shipping and there’s absolutely no commitment!


I love the simplicity of everything about these products and the business. If it was hard, there’s no way I’d be using or promoting this!

Thanks for reading!

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