You know me! I’m that hot mess mom. I’m the one who is always late. I come running in behind my wild boys … (you know, the one dressed as a ninja and the other with his clothes on backwards and shoes on the wrong feet). I’m probably sweating even though it’s like 32 degrees. I more than likely forgot something important like wipes despite the smorgasbord of kid-friendly snacks, beverages, and of course my coffee. My excuses for being late consist of the typical… “Oh my gosh! The boys _________ (Insert excuse: didn’t sleep, overslept, were fighting, wouldn’t get dressed, had a meltdown getting in the car, etc). I’m frazzled and apologetic but ready to put that stress away and have some fun with my boys (and mama friends)!

It’s totally ok! I’m not beating myself up. Just being real. There’s a lot going on in this brain of mine! Between mom life, married life, and work life, there’s a strong entrepreneurial and philanthropic life that pushes me to be a better person. I also have an ADD-life that tends to thrive in this crazy environment! And the whipped cream on the top of it all? Peri-menopause. Let’s just throw one big steaming pile of hormones into this hot mess. Just for fun.

The thing is, I’m at a for real crazy point in my life. I think that there’s a lot of people who feel the same way… unsatisfied where you are in life, unfulfilled with your career, and wondering how to make a change that actually makes a difference.

I’m a social worker. Not exactly the career I wanted. I was a Registered Dietitian for years prior to earning a Masters degree in Social Work. I pursued that graduate degree because I felt that it didn’t matter how much I knew about nutrition, the only way to help others was to become skilled at behavioral therapy.

I loved it! Private practice was a wonderful way to help those who were really ready for a change. I ran support groups, psychotherapy groups, and conducted individual therapy. I could see the difference in my clients’ lives and I was happy.

Then two little squirmy, crying, pooping boys came into my married life. (My oldest literally shit on me the minute he was born). 27 months apart and close enough to have two in diapers at the same time. They became our world.

After becoming a mom, life was different. Instead of feeling fulfilled by helping others, I felt that I had nothing left to give. All I wanted was to be able to work less, spend more time with my family, and still be able to provide the life they deserve. Absolutely no thought in my mind that Network Marketing would be the answer to this dream.

I achieved that goal in less time that I thought it would take with the company I chose to join. A company that, I swear, was designed for people like me.

My hope in creating this blog is to inspire others to take action in their lives in order to find the happy that fuels their desire to be the best person you can be. If a self proclaimed Hot Mess Mom can do it, I know that you can too! Even if you’re not craving a change in your life, like I was, I hope to provide some entertainment to go along with your morning coffee or evening glass of wine.

Cheers to living happy!